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As normal folks are mowing their lawns, doing laundry, fixing dinner or bathing, Nathan and I have been working on Finn’s room every chance we get.  Every time we start one of these projects, I am reminded how overly optimistic the two of us are.

Three days?  Muwah, ha, ha, ha!  We’re clocking in at a week now, and the bed isn’t quite finished yet.


It is about 90% functional at this point, though.  The bed is up, it is stable and safe, but we have lots of trim work to do.  We have to paint the railing and permanently install the climbing rope “safety net.”  And we are anxiously patiently awaiting the arrival of the rock holds we ordered online…  For now, Finn is climbing up a makeshift ramp until they are installed.

He’s only wiped out once.  Huzzah.

The good news is that his duvet cover is done.  The Lego Man pictures are up (which are just prints of our Lego family from last month).  While Nathan is at work (and he has been working A LOT), I am going to town getting all the little things together.  The kids and I have made two trips to Ikea to gather supplies; hooks and tables and little lamps…



And tables…


And lamps…


Oh my.

Another jam-packed week makes it apparent it will not be finished by Friday, but it won’t stop me from trying to pull it all together.  In vain.