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Another Big Bite - DIY Minion Hats

First of all, I have one word for you…  Mutiny.

After I got knee-deep in Finn’s Minion Costume, Finn and Nathan ganged up on me as he was trying it on.

“Please, can Alice be a purple Minion??  Please, oh please??”

And so my dreams of dressing Alice and I up as dweeby Disney World characters were dashed.  Now we are all going to be characters from Despicable Me.

For those of you who have not seen the second Despicable Me, this is what I was dealing with…

Okay, I ‘spose I could get excited about this…

Another Big Bite - DIY Minion Hats2

The hats were the hardest part of the costume, since the rest is nothing more than a yellow or purple shirt and overalls.  I started with Finn’s winter hat as a template on fleece; Finn’s yellow Minion hat was nice and round on top, but Alice’s got a little extra up top to give some height for ALL. THAT. PURPLE. HAIR.

photo 1 (1)

After a test fitting, I was properly schooled that Minions have mouths…  And so crooked teeth were constructed out of fleece and fitted for the purple one, and a tongue for the yellow fellow.

For the goggles, I used the top of a mailing tube for Alice’s before I realised that mason jar lids were the perfect size – and subsequently used them for Finn’s.  The eyeballs were more fleece and hot glued into place.

photo 4 (1)

Hair for the yellow Minion was a piece of cake; black pipe cleaners were fed through the top of the head and glued into place.

The purple hair was a different story all together.  Ohmygod.  I am rolling my eyes as I recall the process.


My first yarn purchase was too – stringy?  I hit up Walmart for the chunkiest cheapie yarn I could find, and then subsequently spent an entire evening making purple quasi-pom-poms.  Thirty two of them, I’ll have you know.  After they were all properly combed and coiffed, each of them was tacked on to the hat with a needle and thread.  OH, what FUN.

photo 3 (1)

Once the eyes were glued into place, I had a hard time wrestling the hat away from Finn.  If he had it his way, he would wear it all day long.


As you can imagine, getting a toddler to stand still with a head of purple hair long enough to snap a clear picture is not easy.  Finn was kind enough to model Alice’s hat.


Now that the Minion costumes are thisclose to being in the bag, I have to turn my attention to Nathan and I’s costumes.  Nae is going as Gru, and I’m going as his love interest, Lucy.  God help me if I can find a wig for that one…

Because I have learned that my sanity cannot take another head covering made from combed-out yarn.