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1finn1This weekend, we put a few finishing touches on Finn’s room.  I was super stoked, but I still was searching for a rug to hide the fugly carpet (which is not on our list of priorities to replace).  After heading to Ikea on Tuesday night, I snagged one of my top contenders for $35 from the As-Is section.

And now, with the rug down, the room finally feels done!  Here is what it looked like when we moved in…



And this was the other side of the room…

IMG_5362And now:


There are a few minor pieces of trim that we are still scratching our heads about exactly how to address (like the small gap between the wall and rock wall and the toe-kick at the bottom of the rock wall), but everything else is totally complete.


I put tiny curtains up under his loft to give him a little fort to hang out in.  It also has been employed as a stage.  And a reading room.  And a hideout for doing things Mom doesn’t let you do, but now you have a secret hideout to do it in.  Like giving your Lego men a bath in a cup of water.  And spilling it.

The Lego table was originally parked under his USA map (see the full rundown on that project – my favorite – here), and the closet was supposed to house his dresser to free up some floor space.  Oh, I measured twice to make sure it would fit – and it did with lots of room to spare.  Only I forgot to think about making sure the drawers would open once it was inside the closet.  Spoiler alert: drawers didn’t open, and it moved back to its original spot.  Now that it is there, I think it anchors the map much better than the Lego table did.  Finn’s made sure the map doubles as a cork board of sorts…


The frog donning a Batman costume was TOTALLY Finn’s idea. Bah-rill-yant.

We also found a new spot for the rhino head I made him a few years ago.  The rhino keeps his Disney pins safe.  And I was sooooo happy to hang up the sign with his name on it; my dear friend from Spokane made it as a piece of decor for Finn & I’s baby shower years ago…  (Miss you, Great and Powerful Peggy!)

1finn12Hands down, the best part of the room is the bed.  It is mega sturdy (all four of us have been up there without the slightest creak or wiggle) and Finny has a blast climbing up the wall to get in and out of bed.  I think we have successfully planted the rock climbing seed for little Alice…  She whips up that baby like a spider monkey.  She has a bit of a problem getting down, but we’re working on it.



1finn11I did a little digging through Nae and I’s old road trip pics from years ago, and decided to meld one of the shots from Sequioa National Park with a favorite literary reference.  A match made in Tolkien-nerd-road-trip heaven.  Finn also gets lots of use out of the little shelf underneath it…  It is just out of reach of Alice’s destructive little fingers and makes a great spot to keep his latest Lego creations safe.

1finn5Now that it is done (99% anyway), I am itching to get going on Alice’s room.  My mom is coming to visit in a week…  Ikea is begging for a mom-grandma-kids shopping trip.


But for now, I have a few weeks to clean up all the tools stashed upstairs.  And to plot my next move for Alice’s space…

Just in case you are curious about our process, check out the room in-progress here, here and here.