A very merry All Hallow’s Eve to y’all!

Today, we have a full schedule…  There are many a Halloween-themed snacks to eat, spooky storytime at the library, pumpkin carving and (of course) trick or treating.

You know what I have noticed?  Halloween is turning into Christmas for me.  It is supposed to be one day, but it is slowly becoming a week-long celebration.

We went to Boo at the Zoo with my mom on Saturday (more on that in a few days)…

photo 1

Finn’s school party was yesterday; where I totally cringed when I saw that facepainting was on the agenda…

photo 3

Said preschool party kept me up all night on Tuesday making these bad boys…

photo 2 (1)

And we’ve managed to spook-ify all walks of produce; bananas, clementines and even hot dogs…  Which don’t qualify as produce, but whatev.

photo 1 (1)

And the kids went to bed in their Halloween jammies last night.

photo 2

How are you celebrating tonight?  If you tell me you are planning on being a candy buzz-kill and handing out glow bracelets instead of candy, I’ll silently judge you.  Even though I am doing exactly the same thing.