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You know how you visit a blog every so often, and there, staring you in the face is the same damn post that has been at the top of the page for the last month or two?  Ohmygod, that drives me NUTS.

And at first I’m like please, please, please, gimme more; I don’t care that you just gave birth and then I’m all did something happen to them? and finally I’m FINE.  I’M DONE.

Yeah.  So, if you’re still with me; no, nothing happened to us.  And I have no good excuse why there has been zilch in the activity over here at Another Big Bite.  Sure, I’ve been busy, but not so busy that I haven’t had a chance to post.  It’s kinda like when you don’t work out for a week because you’ve been sick and suddenly, you haven’t done it in over a month.  Time gets away from ya.

But, I have been hard at work on all types of Christmas projects.  Most of them can’t be posted since they are gifts (and I think my mother-in-law is still checking the blog daily waiting to hear about her grandbabies).  Case in point:

Another Big Bite - Censored Xmas Presents3

Let’s not forget these…

Another Big Bite - Censored Xmas Presents

Oh, and then there is this…

Another Big Bite - Censored Xmas Presents2

A day may come when I’ll post some of those projects here, but it is not this day.

While I’ve been away from here, I’ve also been away from home.  We visited the family farm out in Iowa for Thanksgiving.  It was lots of fun.  But a very long drive.

farm5 farm farm2 farm3 farm4

I’ve recently been horrified at the copious amount of mucus that can ooze out of a little person’s nose, searched high and low for plain marzipan, and been trying really hard at deciphering Alice’s many new words.

Daddy?  Doggy?  Oh!  GUMMY!   You want your gummy vitamins?  No?  I. give. up. 

Also, poor little Violet has been on the mend after having fourteen teeth removed.  PSA ALERT:  If your pooch’s breath smells, check their teeth.  Get them cleaned.  It will save you hundreds of dollars.

But as of now, she’s a new girl!  No smelly breath and she acts like a puppy again.


So there you have it… You’re all caught up to speed!  Now only time will tell… Will I get back in my habit of regular blog posts?

You bet your ass I will.

At least that is what I keep telling myself.  Thanks for sticking around.  C’mon, you’ve had a slump, too.  Admit it.