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alice bday10

Sunday was Alice’s second birthday.  I love the kids’ birthdays, because I can do little things that make them SUPER excited because they are so young.  I’m not sure if Alice got what a birthday was before Sunday, but oh boy, she does now.

I started gearing up for our “party” on Saturday morning…  I baked a cake that Alice picked out in the baking aslie at the grocery store – because I am a cakemix kinda gal.  She didn’t care what flavor it was… Until she saw the strawberry one.

“PINK!” She pointed and gasped like she had never seen anything so wonderful in all her life.  She was actually petting the box the rest of the time we were in the store.


While Alice snoozed and the boys were out shopping on Saturday afternoon, I started to decorate the cake.  There is concise list of things that Alice goes bananas for; Ariel, ponies, elephants, horses.  Anything pink.  So Ariel it was.  I have spent lots of time toiling over fondant, but there was no way I was trying to gag that down again until I had tried the same process with marzipan.  Ariel was my guinea pig.  Sure, she wasn’t worthy of Ace of Cakes or anything, but Alice didn’t care.  Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian were perched atop her strawberry cake in less than an hour, and I was happy it was OVER.

Once the kids went to sleep, I got to hanging the $7 pack of gaudy Disney Princess decorations that Alice lost her mind over at Walmart.  Since we aren’t rolling in acquaintances here in C.Springs, parties are just the four of us.  Which doesn’t mean decorations and party plates aren’t in order.

alice bday7

Finn woke us up with his excited little self all nuts over Alice’s birthday decorations and impending present-opening.  He was more excited than she was.

alice bday8

Alice opened her presents from us in the morning, but as soon as we were done, I was ACHING to pull out the cake and open the rest of the presents.  Nathan obliged, because who doesn’t love cake for breakfast?

alice bday1

alice bday2

So, without pause, at eight in the morning, we lit two candles, sang Happy Birthday and set about pulling barbies and tiny teapots from their packages.  It was amazing.  Especially when the Ariel barbie from Mima was unwrapped.  Cue the squeals.

alice bday3

alice bday5

alice bday4

alice bday9

Finn was so happy for her; it was very sweet.  He helped wrapped the package he picked out for her, and set about cutting the ribbons off all the packages for her with his safety scissors.

We had taken the kids to see Frozen on Saturday for Alice’s birthday.  When we asked her where she wanted to go for lunch on Sunday, she promptly and very finally declared:


And so Chicken McNuggets were on the menu.  After a nap and lots of playtime with all her new lovlies, we packed up and headed to dinner.  Oh my god… How did she grow up so fast??

alice bday6

I cannot get over that it was two years ago that I went into the hospital, terrified that having the second baby was going to throw me back into another round of postpartum depression, but instead, I left happy and snuggly with little Alice.  She was such a good baby – one of THOSE babies, and now she is turning out to be so… so… Alice.

Happy Birthday, my little lady.  You are my very favorite daughter.  (Which I can say without any doubt – and say it proudly – since you are my only one.)