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Another Big Bite - DIY Paper Finials

I’ve always been pretty open about the fact that I am little more than a copycat.  I have whipped up some pretty dang cool projects in my day, but most of them have been ripped off of someone else’s work.  This is no exception.

$48 of AWESOME.

I fell in love with these cool paper finials online at Garnet Hill.  The one thing holding me back from ordering them?  Oh, they were a cool $48.  For paper.  (Now they are marked down to $19, which isn’t bad, but still a bit too spendy for my paper-tastes.

Instead, I figured I’d make them myself with stuff I already had lying around the house.  Which involved pulling out the spray adhesive, ribbon, scissors and a ream of printer paper.  Just a normal day here at Lisa’s house.

First, I glued together four sheets of paper by folding them in half (hotdog way), spraying each side and sticking them together at the fold.  Pictures would help, yes?

photo 1

photo 2

Each finial is made of sixteen sheets of paper.  And so I got to more spraying and sticking.  The short and fat finial was made from sheets of paper folded hamburger way.  (I can’t be the only person who refers to folding sheets of paper either hotdog or hamburger way, am I?)

photo 3

Once I had my 64 sheets of paper glued together in four sheet stacks, I got busy tracing.  I eyeballed it from the pictures from the original Garnet Hill ones.  After everything was traced, I got to snipping away.

photo 5


Then it was time to glue again.  I sprayed each side of the cut groups and stuck them together to make one massive stack.  Once all four small stacks were stuck together, I taped a length of thin ribbon to the folds.  Then I stuck the last two sides together – just like you would open one of those paper wedding bell decorations.

photo 4

I stuck them in the ceiling with push pins and waited for the kids to attack them kitten style.  I even hung them a little too high (but failed to realize that I hung them over a chair which defeated the purpose).  But no one paid any attention to them.  Ah, well.

Another Big Bite - DIY Paper Finials2

In the end, they aren’t even close to perfect, and a pretty far cry from the ones that I could have bought.  But I saved $49.  So I got that going for me, which is nice.

So how ’bout y’all?  Have you been crafting up a Christmas storm, too?